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Title: The One-in-a-Million Boy
Author: Monica Wood
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 3/5
# pages: 336
Date read: May, 2017

For years, guitarist Quinn Porter has been on the road, chasing gig after gig, largely absent to his twice-ex-wife Belle and their odd, Guinness records-obsessed son. When the boy dies suddenly, Quinn seeks forgiveness for his paternal shortcomings by completing the requirements for his son's unfinished Boy Scout badge.

For seven Saturdays, Quinn does yard work for Ona Vitkus, the wily 104-year-old Lithuanian immigrant the boy had visited weekly. Quinn soon discovers that the boy had talked Ona into gunning for the world record for Oldest Licensed Driver... and that's the least of her secrets. Despite himself, Quinn picks up where the boy left off, forging a friendship with Ona that allows him to know the son he never understood, a boy who was always listening, always learning.

Very much a character-driven book and while engaging enough, I honestly couldn't tell you what I thought of it. The plot putters along slowly and is of no real consequence, but you do end up caring for the characters (Quinn and Ona especially) regardless, and while very slow-moving, I never considered giving up on it.

But still - it's not a book I'm likely to reread, and actually probably not even a book I'm likely to recommend. It most definitely had its moments, but at the end of it, I was left wondering what the fuss was all about.
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Title: Transylvanian Mail Order Bride: A Tale of Buyer's Remorse
Author: Elliot Wolfson
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: 2/5
# pages: 123 pages
Date read: August, 2016

Ben’s world changes when he orders a bride from a shady Romanian company. She’s the discounted option, with a single picture, and free shipping. He actually does all of the paper work and he’s too ashamed to cancel the order. He is shocked, horrified, and a little excited when she arrives at his doorstep.

Amatuer vampire hunter Adela Delca lights the fuse on her mission of revenge. When it backfires she runs to America, right into the arms of a strange gamer with a tangled family history and a dangerous friend.

Really, really badly written (enough to have me rolling my eyes on a regular basis), but still oddly compelling. Not enough to make me want to read any more books by this author, but at least enough that I finished this one. The plot was ridiculously outrageous, turning this into almost a train-wreck read. I didn't much like it, but couldn't look away.
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Title: What Einstein Told His Cook
Author: Robert L. Wolke
Genre: Non-fiction
Rating: 3.5/5
# pages: 350
Date read: September, 2009

Why do recipes call for unsalted butter--and salt? What is a microwave, actually? Are smoked foods raw or cooked?

What Einstein Told His Cook offers answers to these and 127 other questions about everyday kitchen phenomena. Using humor (dubious puns included), Wolke, a bona fide chemistry professor and syndicated Washington Post columnist, has found a way to make his explanations clear and accessible to all: in short, fun.

Robert Wolke uses both knowledge and humour to answer a book-full of more or less intelligent questions about food and cooking. Some of these are pretty intuitive, others inspired a light-bulb moment. Well-written, and if some of the answers are more interesting than others... well, it's easy to skip the not-so-interesting ones.

Not a book you can read in one sitting, but good for occasional 'dippings'.
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Title: Behaving Badly
Author: Isabel Wolff
Genre: Chick-lit
Rating: 9/10
# pages: 325
Date read: June, 2008

Summary: For animal behaviorist Miranda Sweet, pets beat people -- paws down -- and she's convinced that animals are sweeter, softer and a lot more predictable than the men she's been dating lately. So when she opens up her own animal clinic, she decides to focus on the species she understands, and forget about trying to fathom the murky depths of the male psyche.

While schizophrenic schnauzers and confused canaries are benefiting from her professional ministrations, her best friend Daisy is convinced that Miranda needs a little therapy, as well. Enter dishy photographer David. Even Miranda begins to think she may have been just a tad hasty in her analysis of men, and she finds herself reconsidering her position.

But just as she lets her guard down, her own past reappears, and Miranda must come to terms with the fact that she hasn't always been as sweet as she'd like to believe...

Review: A very charming book about love, secrets and forgiveness. Perfect for a lazy Sunday I finished it in one sitting (well... two - I had to stop for lunch) and found it just as enjoyable as Rescuing Rose... possibly more, actually, as I loved reading about Miranda's work as a pet psychiatrist. Her experiences with the different pets (and especially their owners) were just priceless.

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